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If  you have a dog that needs adoption, you can advertise here.  Contact for more details.

Another successful adoption through AreaK9!  Lucy a high energy Golden Doodle was too much for her owners so they tried to find a home that would suit her energy.  AreaK9 found a family that had a Labradoodle, Molly, who was almost identical in energy, spirit and temperament.  Molly’s owners were looking for a house-mate of similar energy who would keep Molly company and play with her.

The introduction proved successful and Lucy and Molly now live together.  The picture below shows the two dogs together.

Lucy and MollyAdopted November 2010

One of our clients has fallen sick and can no longer care for their dog properly.  So this beautiful female German Shepherd is looking for a good home.

Cooper Ellen has been staying at our facility since 11th July, so we really know her moods and needs.  She would be ideal for somebody that is home most of the time as she loves to be with people and hates to be alone.  She is calm and has integrated well with the pack that is always here (although the members change often).  

Cooper Ellen is pure bred, spayed, and current on all vaccinations. She is two years old and is shown below (click on the picture for a larger version).

Cooper Ellen resting peacefully.JPG Adopted 6 Sept 2010

If you are interested or know somebody that might want to give Cooper a good home, please contact us 613 258 6875 and we will put you in touch with the current owner.