Before & After Books


Listen to Dr Ian Dunbar introduce his two free books, that are available for download below, on the AreaK9 YouTube channel.  Click here.

Everything you need to know BEFORE you buy your puppy

In this 95 page free book written by Dr. Ian Dunbar. Download this book as a PDF file.

Everything you need to know AFTER you’ve bought your puppy.

This 149 page free book from Dr. Ian Dunbar addresses your puppy’s first three  developmental  deadlines:  your  doggy  education;  the search for and selection of a suitable puppy and how to assess its  developmental  status;  and  teaching  household  manners during  your  puppy’s  first  week  at  home.  Download this book as a PDF file.

Ayka’s home away from home!!

Mistalyn Seguin

Ayka's Owner