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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) What's the longest somebody has been delayed in picking up thier dog.
A)One week.  The owners of one of our guests was standed in Florida whna  air-charter company when bankrupt and stopped flying.

Q) Should I pack extra food for my dog.
A) See above.  If you are flying somewhere, you may be delayed and your dog will be staying at AreaK9 longer than expected.  Extra food will keep you dog fed on his own food, and save you money if AreaK9 has to find food for your dog.

Q) Do I have to fill out the online reservation form for each dog and for each visit?
A) Yes, information may change between visits.

Q) What happens to the data in the on-line booking form?
A) The information supplied is treated confidentially and is stored in our electronic database.

Q) What is the check-out time?
A) Check-out time is 11:00 a.m on the last day of your dog's stay. Pick-up before 11:00 a.m means the last day is FREE.

Q) Is there a limit to the number of dogs that can be boarded.
A) We try to limit number of dogs to 17, but sometimes we can get up to 20 dogs.

Q) Where do the dogs sleep?
A) This depends. If your dog sleeps in your bedroom, then your dog can sleep in our bedroom (no size restriction). Otherwise the dogs sleep together in the ground floor area of our house (an area comprised of four rooms).

Q) What do the dogs sleep on?
A) This depends. A few sleep on our bed, some sleep on the floor, and others sleep on the bedding provided by AreaK9.

Q) Can we bring our dog's bed?
A) Sorry, we no longer accept client beds due to other guests trying to eat them.  We have sent back too many clients beds in ripped pieces, including a a bag of stuffing, so we now provide the dogs bedding.

Q) Are there any kennels, crates, or confined areas that the dogs are placed in.
A) NO!

Q) Are the dogs together all of the time?
A) Almost. We separate the dogs at feeding time so that each dog is fed individually.

Q) Who supplies the dog's food?
A)The dog's owner. This way your dog is fed what you want him to be fed.

Q) How should the food be packaged?
A) We prefer that the food come in an airtight container, have the dog's name written on it, and the feeding amounts. If you use a scoop for measurement, please include that in the container.

Q) What about dog toys?
A) Don't bring them. Prior experience has shown that the pack will tear them apart very quickly.

Q) My dog needs medication. Can AreaK9 staff give it?
A) Yes. There is no charge for this service, but the medication must be packed properly with the dog's name and clear instructions on administration.

Q) Some boarding facilities charge for playtime and other extra activities. What does AreaK9 do?
A) Dogs staying at AreaK9 are together all day (except for feeding) and can play, at will, inside or outside. While there are no structured walks, the dogs are taken outside frequently.

Q) Our dog is very small and we are worried that the larger dogs will be a problem?
A) We find that dogs of all sizes mix well, but we have now created a spacious area where smaller dogs may stay. They can also exercise separately if the pack environment seems to be a problem.

Q) What climate control does AreaK9 have?
A) The interior is kept cool and dry in the summer with the central A/C and pleasantly warm in the winter.

Q) What about food and water?
A) Food is supplied by the owner and fed as per the owner's instructions. An ample fresh supply of cool water is kept for the dogs both inside and outside. Water is removed at about 20:00 hours.

Q) Is it necessary to have an interview before a first stay?
A) Yes. This is for you dog's protection and for our guests' protection. The interview process makes sure that all pack members will get on well and that there's unlikely to be any problems.

Q) Do the dogs have a playtime?
A) Yes, anytime is playtime for the dogs - except for feeding time.

Q) Are the dogs left alone?
A) No. There are staff on duty 24/7 to make sure your dog's stay is a good stay.

Q) Some places have a limited number of "pottie trips" and require payment for additional trips. What is your policy?
A) The dogs come and go as they will. If they ask to go outside, they do. On average, the dogs are outside every hour for variable lengths of time.  Spending lots of supervised time outside in the fenced acre of ground allows our guests plenty of opportunity to drain their energy.  Generally, after play the dogs like to rest in the house wherever the AreaK9 staff happens to be

Q) What breeds have you had stay at your facility?
A) We've created a special page to answer that - see Breeds.

Q) Are there any benefits beyond being cage-free for my dog?
A) Yes, as this is a cage-free environment with no separation of the dogs, all of them have to learn to be social, patient, and respectful of the other guests.  This environment allows some dogs to greatly improve their communication skills with other dogs.

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