Grooming Rates

Bath and Brush Out

Consists of a thorough Brush Out (15 minutes), Bathing and Blow Dry.

Full Grooming

Consists of a Bath and Brush Out and/or additional grooming: Nail Trim, Paw Trim, Face Trim, Ears Trim, Body Trim, Tail Trim, Special instructions.
Please list all applied in the reservation form.


Breeds Bath and Brush-out Full grooming
Small breeds under 15 lbs $30 $45
Small breeds under 15 lbs long hair $40 $80
Medium breeds 16 – 35 lbs $40 $65
Medium breeds 16 – 35 lbs long hair $60 $100
Large breeds 36 – 100 lbs $60 $80
Large breeds 36 – 100 lbs long hair $70 $140
Giant breeds over 100 $80 $100
Giant breeds over 100 long hair $100 $160
 If flees, ticks or other parasites are detected your dog will be treated at your expense.
There is no extra charge for any Medicated or Hypo Allergenic Shampoo and Conditioner.

Extra fees will apply to Brush Outs or De-Matting taking more than 15 minutes.

  • Nail trim – $15.00+ (depending on condition and behavior)
  • Nail trim, pad trim, ear cleaning – $25.00+ (depending on condition and behaviour)

Charge of $40.00 per half hour may apply in addition to regular grooming prices:

  • De-matting
  • De-tangling
  • Excessive Under Coat/Excessive hair growth (over 8 weeks)
  • Behaviour
  • Temperament

Extra Services Available:

  • Medicated Flea Bath +$50.00
  • Skunk odour removal +$50.00

Grooming Reservation Form

Thank you so much for taking good care of our “Super Charged Play Machine” Cosmo! For the first time EVER he slept through the night- he must have had a good workout! He’s looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks- Looda and Gary, I hope you’re ready for him and all of his energy!

Laurel & Andrew

Laurel & Andrew

Cosmo's Owner

While i was away on vacation, Shadow spent his holdays with all the other dogs at AreaK9. Being able to see pictures of him on the website and getting his report card of how he did was so much more than i could have expected!! Fantastic place and so much fun for him…

Rachel Cassie

Shadow's Owner