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Other Mentions

This section describes other dogs that have stayed at Areak9 and are at one end, or the other, of a particular category.  For multiple entries in a category, the highest number was the first dog to be recognised in that category, so the dog labelled as "1" is the most recent dog in that category.  Other items of interest are included as well.

If there's a category that interests you, let us know and well see if we have the data.

Youngest Dog:  Duffy, a mini Labradoodle (5 months).

Oldest Dog: Buttons, a Maltese mix (15 years).

Smallest Dog:  1) Coco, a tea-cup Yorkshire Terrier.  2) Fudge, a Shih-Tzu / Yorkshire Terrier.  3) Kruger, a very small Yorkshire Terrier.  4) Buttons, a Maltese mix.

Largest Dog - Height:  1) Ferby, an Irish Wolfhound. 2) Blake, a Great Dane. 3) Felix, a Great Dane. 

Largest Dog - Weight:  1) Ferby, an Irish Wolfhound, 2) Simon, a St. Bernard.

Shortest Stay:  Orion, a Standard Poodle (4 hours).

Longest Stay: 1) Toffee, a Cocker Spaniel (111 days), 2) Shasta, a Labrador mix (68 days). 3) Cooper Ellen, a German Shepard (57 days).

Biggest group of same breed at same time:  1) Six Golden Retrievers (31 July 2015). 2) Five German Shepherds (24 July 2011).

Largest advance booking:  1 year and 15 days.
Furthest Client: 1) Victoria, British Columbia., 2) Oakton, Virginia, USA.