Owners Information


A long (but not too long) time ago in the land far far away (White Russia) Looda came to be. Her life took off like a bullet. It was full of sports, art, knowledge (specialized schools, university, multiple colleges and courses), travel (quite a bit all around the world), lots of hard work (rat race really) as business analyst for an American insurance company. Life treated her well, but there were no animals. She always knew something vital was missing from her life. She longed for a dog. But it would not be fair to a poor creature to be left alone or in kennels most of their life. Then (lucky for her, not so lucky for North America) came the recession and travel slowed down immensely. Looda jumped on the chance to get a dog and ended up with two by saving life of the second dog thanks to the achievements of modern medicine. Life changed completely. Dogs turned it into one big celebration: lots of books, all schooling possible, TV programs, Internet, other people’s experiences, and most importantly the dogs themselves (watching them was so informative); pleasurable walks with the dogs replaced boring sessions on an elliptical trainer; loving dogs returned 100 times more love back. Looda could not believe the happiness she had missed all of her life and could not wait any longer to dedicate her life to the most precious creatures on earth.


A long (fairly long) time ago in the land quite far away (UK) Gary came into existence. A very busy childhood, a LOT of education resulted in the brilliant career as a well known and well respected (around the world) scientist. Gary had had dogs and many other animals throughout his life. His original dream was to be a zoo keeper. He is excited that destiny brought him so close to his original dream.

Looda and Gary are owners of AreaK9. Both are extremely knowledgeable and caring for dogs. Both have attended canine obedience training and are well adapted to all breeds and sizes. They currently reside a few kilometers south of Kemptville on Hart’s Way with their two dogs Cain and Abel.

We have been fortunate in being able to attend dog-behaviour seminars in Ottawa and Toronto given by Cesar Millan and Dr. Ian Dunbar.

Our extensive book and DVD library on dog behaviour/psychology is now available to our clients for on-site consultation. We apologize in advance for the condition of some of the books as they have been read many time. Books, DVD’s and seminars aside, the best skill improvement has been working with and looking after the ever changing pack at AreaK9. Today we have accumulated over 90 years experience in handling a dog. And that includes the nights too!