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Cash or cheque when you pick your dog up.
Cheque is payable to Looda Kramer.
No credit cards.


Christmas: If any days of your reservation falls between December 23 and January 2nd, your minimum reservation/charge must be 7 days. Please no drop offs or pick ups on December 25th or January 1st.

Daycare Guests

$23 per dog.

Overnight Guests

Stays of 7 days or less:  $33 per day, additional dogs will be $28 per dog. 

Stays of 8 days: $30 per day and $25 per additional dog. 

Stays of 9 days or more: $28 per day and $23 per additional dog.

The "HST" is included in all prices.

NOTE: We do not go by the amount of hours that your dog is here for.

Example: If you leave your dog here at say, 14:00 Monday and pick up at 10:30 Tuesday, you are charged for 1 Day - The second day is FREE.
If you pick up your dog after 11:00 the day is charged in full.


K9 Club is a daycare program between the hours of 9:00 and 16:00 subject to space availability.

Reservations are easy once your dog is enrolled in the K9Club. Simply phone on the day you want the daycare, or even the night before (after 19:00 hrs).  Advance booking cannot be taken for K9Club. Bring your K9 Club card with you to validate the visit.

$75 for 5 visits.
$150 for 12 visits.
$250 for 25 visits.
You may enroll your dog here

Additional Value Services

Activity Price Comments
Group Play Time No Charge Outside: they play every hour, and they are supervised.
Inside: they play when they want to, and they are supervised
Treat Time No Charge We give your treats to your dog, and we give our treats to your dog
Medication Administration No Charge What it says, no charge.
Extra Potty Breaks No Charge If the dogs want to go out, then they go out.
Feeding* No Charge Your dog's food must be provided.
* If your dog runs out of food we will feed them our food.
The cost is $2.5 per meal
Walks No Charge Not really applicable as they're out running or playing (see above).

Other Services:

For Grooming services please see our Grooming Rates page.
For Pick Up/Drop Off prices please see our Pick Up Service page.