Irena Kramer is the youngest daughter of AreaK9’s owners and she can be found working here when she’s home on a break from work. Irena was born in the Former Soviet Union (Belarus) and lived there for a few years before moving to Israel before coming to Canada when she was four years old. She lived, and was schooled, in Arnprior. Later she moved to Toronto to attend the bilingual campus of York University – Glendon College – where she l completed a degree in Philosophy. Following this she attended Windsor University Law School and became a lawyer in June of 2014. Despite her part-time status at AreaK9, she has quickly learned how to be an effective pack leader and quickly earns the respect of all of the guests who stay during her visits.



Julie has always been an animal lover, with a particular fondness for dogs. She has over 15 years of experience taking care of her own canine companions, which have consisted (so far) of two German Shepherds, a hound dog and a Lab mix. Having such a great love for dogs, she made the decision to search for a place where she could combine her passion with her career. For Julie, working at AreaK9 is a dream come true. She can’t think of anything more fulfilling than spending her time taking care of these wonderful dogs, and her number one priority is to ensure their utmost happiness and well-being.